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The Department of System Engineering and Naval Architecture was founded in July of 1959, at which time it was called the Department of Naval Architecture. It is the first and foremost department in Taiwan specifically for training engineers on ship design and construction. To date, around 1600 alumni have been working in comprehensive fields of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, research institutions, education, marine transportation, business and computer, among others. Because of the training of this department, they all perform outstandingly and play an important role in their work.

With the promotion of high-tech development and the upgrade of living standard, shipbuilding has been in pursuit not only of safety, speed and maneuverability acquired by ship-designers, but of sound comfort and responsibility to the environment. Accordingly, the department has consistently adjusted and upgraded its educational goals and research fields in compliance with the requirements demanded by current industries. At present, the department has 13 teaching and research laboratories, and has just completed the world third-largest cavitation tunnel laboratory in 2002. Currently, the faculty of the department is comprised of 9 full time professors, 9 associate professors, 2 instructors, and 2 adjunct lecturers. The research projects having been undertaken by the faculty are related to structure dynamics, fluid dynamics, propulsion system, vibration, acoustics, automatic control, material management, and optimal design.

Generally, a piece of engineering is planed in line with sub-engineering systems of many kinds. The efficiency of its construction and its following functional performance after completion mainly rely on how well the integration among those subsystems has proceeded. Witnessing the importance of training engineers with the system-engineering integration required urgently by industries, the department deliberately integrated its current educational and research resources and then, in August 1999, adjusted its name to the Department of System Engineering and Naval Architecture.

In the present academic year, the department has approximately 248 undergraduate students, and 60 graduate students including 12 Ph.D. graduates.

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